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気になるGreat Good Fine Okについて。

気になるGreat Good Fine Okについて。


ボーカルのJon SandlerとキーボードのLuke Moellman。




Is it possible to be nostalgic for the future?
Brooklyn synthpop duo Great Good Fine OK met one evening in 2013 and by the next morning had written their first song together,
“You’re the One for Me,” a gauzy, heart-thumping anthem that hit #1 on Hype Machine twice in one month
“You’re the One for Me,” は透き通るような音楽、Hype Machineで一位を取った。
and instantly established the group’s sound with Jon Sandler’s dancefloor falsetto soaring over Luke Moellman’s lush post-Space Age production,
the perfect soundtrack for retrofuturism.

An EP, Body Diamond, soon followed,
デビュー・EPの”Body Diamond”はすぐにリリース。
as did a slate of shows at that year’s SXSW festival and a deal with Neon Gold and Epic Records.
In 2014 GGFO’s second EP, 2M2H, reached #10 on the iTunes dance chart
and featured the St. Lucia collaboration “Something to Believe In,” which premiered on Entertainment Weekly.
St.ルシアとのコラボ“Something to Believe In,” はエンターテイメントウィークリーで特集を組まれる。
In keeping with this collaborative spirit, GGFO co-wrote and performed on The Chainsmoker’s single “Let You Go,”
次のコラボはチェインスモーカーズ。共に曲を書き、“Let You Go,”をリリース。
recorded a cover of Phil Collins’s “Easy Lover” with fellow Brooklynite Panama Wedding,
パナマウェディングのフィル・コリンズの”Easy Lover"をカバーを手伝う。
and produced the song “Shapeshifting” with Irish folk-pop singer Orla Gartland, whom Jon and Luke met after their headlining show at Notting Hill Arts Club in London.
次にロンドンのノッティングヒルアーツクラブでショーを行い、アイルランドのフォーク歌手、オーラガートランドと “Shapeshifting”を制作。
They have also remixed songs by St Lucia, Foxes, Twenty One Pilots, Luxley, Little Daylight, and many others.

In the past three years, GGFO have performed shows supporting acts ranging from Tove Lo to X Ambassadors to Penguin Prison and have embarked on four major US tours with Betty Who, Joywave, Magic Man, Vacationer, and Panama Wedding,
with four songs reaching #1 on Hype Machine and their single “Take It or Leave It” surpassing ten million plays on Spotify.
Hype Machineでは4つの1位、スポティファイでは“Take It or Leave It” がテンミリオン再生。
As anyone who attended the group’s recent sold-out Northeast headlining tour can attest,
GGFO has amassed a large contingent of loyal fans who have come to expect over-the-top live performances involving silk kimonos, triggered lights, and histrionic keytar solos,
with Jon and Luke backed by drummer Danny Wolf and guitarist Carey Clayton.
2016 has already seen the release of three singles and an EP of GGFO songs remixed by like-minded artists, with more new works ever looming on the horizon.
Music blog Indie Shuffle says,
“I dare you to find another group in the past two years who has been so prolific and consistent with their releases while at the same time delivering some of the most heavenly signature falsetto vocals known to man."
「過去二年間の彼らのリリースを聞くと、非常に多彩で一貫性の有るグループ。 そして天国いるように錯覚させるファルセットのヴォーカルがいる。」



I feel like I can't but help fall in love with everything Great Good Fine Ok produces.
The Brooklyn duo's latest release "Always" is another brilliant piece of soaring electro/synth pop and I for one hope they never stray from this path.
I dare you to find another group in the past two years who has been so prolific and consistent with their releases while at the same time delivering some of the most heavenly signature falsetto vocals known to man.
「過去二年間の彼らのリリースを聞くと、非常に多彩で一貫性の有るグループ。 そして天国いるように錯覚させるファルセットのヴォーカルがいる。」
Definitely another one to add to the dance playlist.



そんな私のお気に入りは”2M2H”の”Too Much To Handle”。